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The Water Man: Fairytale about mythical figure that have the power over death

Desperate to save his ailing mother, 11-year-old Gunner runs away from home on a quest to find a mythical figure rumored to have the power to cheat death. This is the story of a quest, a hero’s journey. It stars Oyelowo, Rosario Dawson, Lonnie Chavis, Amiah Miller, Alfred Molina and Maria Bello. Oprah Winfrey serves as an executive producer via her Harpo Films banner.

“The Water Man” leans in to its fairytale trappings (the bookstore Gunner frequents is called Once Upon a Time), with Gunner and Jo a Hansel and Gretel duo, neglected by their parents, striking out on their own, creating their own world together.

David Oyelowo makes his feature directorial debut and stars in The Water Man releasing on Netflix, Friday July 9 (except US & Canada).