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Billie Eilish: NDA – Near Death Announcement

Generation spokeperson artist Billie Eilish launches the more the better tunes from her upcoming album “Happier Then Ever” – cuming out at the end of July. She buries her older self in the name of her blonde new self. But she looks so good nevertheles.

It’s odd to hear for the first time a song that you know for sure you’ll be singing for the next year. It happened with all of those new tunes. It is produced brilliantely and it sounds quite unique like a sequel and the prequel between “Lost Cause” and “Therefor I Am”, previous singles.

Also, Billie directed this nightshot carchase video. The people disappearing when she looks back and then reappearing when she looks away is so scary. She is onyl 18 and yet so mature and artisticly provocative and so good. (Claire Voyant)