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Malia J: Smells Like Teen Spirit – Smells Like Black Widow

Nobody would ever notice this song ever. But than from the depth of the soundtrack area it came out with the opening scenes of the recent Black Widow hit. The opening scene in Black Widow was so sad and terrifying at the same time and it wouldn’t be the same without this song. Perfect flash of the rearanged ballad for the next generation of the kids that never ever were aware of the Kurt and his power.

We remember when we first heard this in the trailer for the Gallows and we were immediately hooked. Hearing this on Black Widow got us doublehyped for the rest of the movie and we were not disappointed. Malia’s voice just gets us pretty hyped for whatever else we will watch with this background. Perfect reindition of the Kurt Cobain and Nirvana guys. (Emily Harris)