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DOP TV: Billie Eilish Interview – Up close and personal to “Happier Than Ever”

We don’t like how people are saying she has changed in a negative way. No one stays the same (especially when you are in your teen years).
We grow as people. You can miss the old Billie but you can’t stop her from growing. Every Billie is beautiful and every Billie is just as special.
We should praise her growth and appreciate her want for growth. Of course u can keep your opinion on what phase of Billie u like the most, but don’t use that to put down other phases of Billie. Because every phase should hold value and strength for being its own phase.
The talent this woman has will never be understood. We are so incredibly proud to have followed her journey for years now and couldn’t be more happy and exited for this album.
We feel like it’s going to be so many mixed emotions and feelings at the same time, like in one song you can be screming your lungs out and dancing all around the room and the next song comes up ans you just sit there…listen to the lyrics closely and feel all the emotion coming.