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Coldplay: Coloratura – Chris Martin running after Pink Floyd and “Bohemian Rhapsody” soundtrack for the concert from the Moon?

Coloratura is the latest, closing track from the new Coldplay album Music Of The Spheres, which is supposed to be released October 15th, 2021.

Chris Martin and the company are trying to be grand and even bigger.

The complex structure, the epic ten minutes lenghts and echoing the rhapsodic prog-rock vibes reminds on the combination of Queens “Bohemian Ehapsody” and Pink Floyd tracks. This pretty much expected ambitious step, coloured by bright and gentle piano notes that fills up the soundscape at large, should have cover a new “spheres” era for the stadium phase of the Coldplay.

When you find out that the production of the track is signed by May Martin, acclaimed top pop producer than you might expect astonishing and clear sound. Tunes that will picture the hearts of the fans. From this perspective and point of view all the Chris Martins ambitions to perform on the moon does not sound impossible, and this track may serve as the perfect soundtrack. Jean Michelle Jarre, be afraid, Mike Oldfield be very afraid. 🙂 (Sammy Cox)