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James Blake: Say What You Will – When Finneas becomes an actor for a hit pop singer

First taste of Blake’s upcoming fifth album, Friends That Break Your Heart – a concept album featuring musicians including SZA and JID, is pretty unusuall. I grew up as the biggest JB`s fan, I found out his music at age 20 and instantly felt it in my soul. Told anyone that would listen about you, all the way back to Air and Lack Thereof. I had a really awful childhood where everyone that was supposed to love me hurt me. I grew up with a sick, twisted definition of love. I was so depressed for years and you and Tame Impala really got me through so much. I`m 30 now and I’ve pulled through over the last few years and I feel so much better, but everytime I hear a James Blake song it sparks so many emotions and reminds me where I came from. Last November I got married to the man of dreams, and “I’ll Come Too” was our wedding song. Now when I hear this James Blake song I tear up like I used to with “Lindisfarne” or “Why don’t you call me”, but now I cry happy tears feeling happiness and evolution in myself. James Blake finally singing love songs and Justin getting married and finally happy, what a concept. Also busy time for Finneas, after production work on his sister Billie’s sophomore album Happier Than Ever he guest stars in the music video for fellow producer James Blake’s “Say What You Will” – premised on Finneas being better than Blake at everything.

“Say What You Will” is more of Blake’s signature melancholy, R&B-inflected fare, featuring falsetto tricks and so so lyrics “I’ve been popular/with all the popular guys”. Blake described the song as “about finding peace with who you are and where you’re at regardless of how well other people seem to be doing”. (Justin Clark)