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Billie Eilish: Happier Then Ever – Absolute pop master piece from the Kurt Cobain`s younger sister!!!

Just look at the cover says enough. Platin blonde pop star is in her prime but she is crying under the spotlight. Marilyn and Madonna cases?

New album is out. Most expected pop part of this changeable year is overwhelming listeners. Somewhere betweel Lana Del Rey and Lorde, Billie Eilish found her pop language to speak to the millions. And the truth became mainstream commercial succes.

Following breakthrough When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?, brother Finneas and little teen pop star escaped all the possible tricks and managed to deliver pop masterpiece. From little emo dark teen girl to pretty outrageous former adolescent who becomes brilliant young woman, Eilish delivers new 16 tracks from masterpieces as the title track to pretty goddamn valuable and remarkable tracks to remeber much longer then just during second covid summer.

Happier Then Ever became the most pre-added album in Apple Music history and it surely changes the course of her carrer but only that.

It prooves she is mature singer/songwriter and with only 18/19 she is capable to bring the difference in pop perspectives.

She is not only whispering. She is speaking clearly about all the traps young person may jump in if being part of the commerical music industry. She is singing about the emotional abuse, power struggles, and mistrust, all the neighbour stories drawn from Eilish’s life and the lives of people she knows as well as fame and fantasies of secret romantic rendezvous, a little bit different teenageshits.

The album keeps receiveing widespread critical acclaim from music critics and captures wide range of emotions, production values by not repeating themselves but bravely reinventing the ways to sing and disclose the pop stardom from the different angle. It was not wrong to compare Billie to Kurt Cobain and it was as close as someone might be if judging by (un)successfull dealing with fame. Billie with the help of her brother, family and the production team so far manages it pretty well and better. No cancel culture may touch her as long as she delivers such great albums. And thats something to hold on and appreciate so much. (Shane Daves)