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Beyonce: Otherside – Queen B is back with beautiful r`n`b ballad

Superstar Beyonce Knowles is  back on a singing scene.

After parenthood calm down period taking care of business between her and Jay Z she sings again. Another beautiful ballad is motivated with the soundtrack “Lion King” from the album named “The Black Is King”. This is beautiful and sophisticated rnb and pop ballad. The mother/child is one of the most powerful iconic representation in culture. Beautifully performed by an African American woman. You have given the world a gift.

This reminds of the biblical story of Moses when his mother saved him from death by doing the same, placing him in a basket. He was found and adopted by the Pharaoh’s daughter and ended up being nursed by his own mother (thanks to his sister watching the basket go down the river)…and he ended up saving them all. Inspired by this art.

Beyoncé. Is. The. Standard. Her level of professionalism, talent, drive, vision,grind, hustle, preparation, knowledge and love for what she does is the level you should aspire to if you want to be great. (Melcy Cambella)