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Idiocracy: Joeybtoonz explores Charli D` Amelio as the most followed person on TikTok :)))

This platform is a freak cringe test, says some of the TikTokers.

Not everyone is thrilled and overwhelmed with the new influencing era. This is the platform war in cases of the taking other shot and angle at the influencers era and capability to be interesting and trendy. One of the funniest YouTubers joeybtoonz took some time to make another two minutes video trying to figure out what it is so interesting and what are the tricks and roads to success of the TikTok kids.

These people are so incredibly in love with themselves it’s actually disturbing. How are they not ashamed or embarrassed by demonstrating just how much they adore themselves, are just some of the questions asked from another perspective looking at the influencers while doing selfie things. Remember China developed the TikTok and doesn’t allow its youth to use it :).

Giving this generation with “main character” syndrome an app that glorifies narcissism and self-gloating was a great move. Enjoy it.