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Finneas: A Concert Six Months From Now – Older brother becomes new Damien Rice or Ed Sheeran

Finneas is not just great young music producer and Billie Eilish older brother.

He has some beautiful pop song visions and pictures turned out to be songs with pretty unusual titles and motives. “A concert six months from now” is a strange title about the love not happenenig and in delay. Familiar area of his younger sister. But the timinig is perfect.

This guy is probably the greatest music producer that has ever existed in this century if judging by the commercial success of his lil sis explosion. Besides his production skills his voice being amazing and angelic his songs and idioms are giving pretty different perspectives.

It is a powerful ballad with the chorus crescendo. Not original at all but still beautiful. It is the Ed Sheeran and David Gray or Damien Rice territory. And he is entering it pretty damn good judging by this tune. (Darren Hill)