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Free Guy: Just funny gaming adventure or film hit of the year?

Ryan Reynolds plays “Guy”, an NPC in a video game who gains consciousness, and plays the game that is his world. Judging by the impressions of the Jeremy Jahns, one of the leading movie and film vloggers and critics of new era  it is probably the funniest film you will have to have chance to see this year. “Free Guy a video game movie” Is the new “Die Hard is a Christmas movie” debate. Sseveral reviews as well as talked to a few who were able to watch it and they said the weakest part of the entire movie was the whole “videogame business ethics” plotline that went on and on, to the point where it dragged the action/movie down to a crawl in several spots. For anyone that enjoyed the idea of the movie, we highly recommend reading Mogworld, by Yathzee Crowshaw, really cool book that has the same premise, but in a sort of medieval fantasy setting. And with more British humor.  We` d like to think Ryan Reynolds saw The Emoji Movie and said “Fuck that, I can do better.” Now we have Free Guy.