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DOP TV: Starbase Tour with Elon Musk – Part 1, 2 & 3

Join Everyday Astronaut as he takes you to a tour of SpaceX’s Starbase facility with Elon Musk as our tour guide! Parts 1 – 2 – 3 needs you to stay tuned, there’s a lot more coming. “There are decades where nothing happens; and there are days where decades happen”.

Watching this makes me feel like we’re experiencing those “days” happen. What a time to be alive!

We appreciate that as smart as Elon is, he is fully aware that his senior engineers are at the top of their game and he absorbs what they have to say; attributes of a real leader. Sure Elon is brilliant, but so are all the engineers who work for him and he knows that and respects their design choices and values their opinions and ideas.

So much to chew over here. The technology, organisation, employees, etc is/are all very impressive, and it was a fascinating behind the scenes glimpse into the construction side of Space X, but it was Elon himself who was the most interesting aspect of all three episodes.

This is clearly a man who thinks on a different planet to the rest of us and finds it difficult just communicating to ‘normal’ people, especially if it’s not a technical conversation, or they aren’t keeping up with his thought process, or listening to what he said (Tim!). But he is also a man on whom all this is taking a huge toll – certainly physically, possibly mentally as well.

Perhaps the most revealing moment in all three episodes was when he said Mars wouldn’t be ready in his lifetime and then pointed out that he still had a while to go. Looking at the man we’ve been watching for the last week, I couldn’t help but think that, if he wants that lifetime to be long, he needs to sort his work-life balance out pretty pronto. There will be no Mars colony or interplanetary species without Elon.