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Eleni Drake: Pink Pools – Balcony edition of the beautiful Lana Del Rey kinda girl

“To all of you lovely people who have been so kind about the singles dropping from the album and to the new comers, this ones for you. I am so excited to have this body of work out on the 27th of August for you all.

Please refrain from commenting horrible things about my appearance, i surprisingly don’t like being called mean names and to be totally belittled because of how i look; and before i get some human commenting on MY outfit of choice, it’s like 40 degrees out here and I’m in a swim suit. I cannot even comprehend how in 2021 we’re still out here having to justify ourselves. It should all be about the music, but alas…” says beautiful guitar player and singer/songwriter Eleni Drake.

Her new album “Cant Stop The Dawn” comes out till the end of the Month. (CD)