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Talibans explained: Short history lesson about the origins, ideology and tactics of the Afghanistan warriors

We’ve all heard of them, but who actually are the Taliban?

This 5 minute history explains the origins, ideology and tactics of the Taliban active in Afghanistan and neighbouring Pakistan.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is now has been re-establish the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is now in Government in exile

One thing not being mentioned enough, is that a good chunk of North-Eastern Afghanistan has fallen to the Taliban already, which is significant because they never really controlled that region before 2001 – that’s where the Northern Alliance (America’s allies during the invasion) came from. This means, that when the dust settles from this most recent fighting, the Taliban might end up with total control over all of Afghanistan, which is actually something they didn’t really have before.
The purpose of the video is to force you to start look for yourself and start digging for more infos.