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Lorde: Mood Ring – It`s good and allowed to be weird, you got the excuse

It feels like this song is about a certain kind of person that Lorde isn’t necessarily hating on, but perhaps pointing out their flaws. Life is scary and difficult, and its hard to even understand yourself or how you feel. This is the kind of person who is always looking for assurance from the newest trendy thing to make them feel better. To make them feel like everything is going to be alright. This track hinting at all the weird wellness things that people do to cure their mental health, bc we’re constantly told it’s our fault for feeling bad. Lorde is such an aesthetic woman like the way she can associate colours with albums and create whole new aesthetics in new ones. Each new single from feels like a petal unfolding from a flower, I love appreciating each song individually. And Im so intrigued to be able to see how they fit together as a whole album that comes out 20th of August. Lets hear and feel her Solar Power. (Natalie Rose)