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Ministry: Search & Destroy – Look out honey cause Uncle Al is using technology

MINISTRY release new single and video; cover of The Stooges hit ‘SEARCH AND DESTROY’ featuring guitarist Billy Morrison, Ex Tool bassist Paul & Stone Sour drummer Roy, from upcoming album MORAL HYGIENE due to be released October 1st, 2021 via Nuclear Blast Records.

And if you loved that old proto punk hymn you might get disspaointed a little bit but in fact you shouldn`t be cause its a cover in a real sense. It has that Al Jourgenssen metal feel and slowed down tempo.

Uncle Al sounds like a cyberpunk version of Lemmy Kilmeister, you know Lemmy is hovering high up in the celestial plane smiling fondly upon his old buddy. Cool how they made it their song in some sense…instead of doing a typical cover that follows every note precisely…sonically it’s excellent, however, Uncle Al’s voice is way to guttural (throaty). (Francis Bottoni)