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Dubai Is A Parody Of The 21st Century: Insight from another perspective to luxurious city

Dubai just feels like playing a SimCity game with unlimited cash. “…a tasteless parody of everything wrong with modern humanity.” Excellent one-liner that sums it up. We also know people who praise it and we are not here to argue about their sense of taste at all.

The worst of urban planning and capitalism, plus some slavery for good measure. Welcome to Dubai, everyone, says vloger Adam Something in his another perspective on Dubai, one of the luxurious cities of 21st Century.

Here is just one of the stories: “I currently live in Bucharest and go to Piata Romana quite often, I didn’t know its origin story, haha. Years ago I lived in Saudi Arabia and had the opportunity to travel to Dubai and Abu Dhabi by road (bad experience, basically no bathrooms until you get to the Emirates). If the malls in this country serve any purpose apart from vapid consumerism is that they give you somewhere to walk with air conditioner but even then, their size is simply absurd. The modern day slavery in these countries isn’t even a secret, you can see it with you own two eyes. I was a child back then but I was told that people get paid according to the “value” of their nationality: Americans and Europeans are on top, followed by Eastern Asians then South Americans, Malaysians and Indonesians and at the bottom of the pyramid there’d be the Filipinos, Indian, Bangladeshi and Pakistani workers. My best friend’s father is a brilliant mathematician and writer who was employed by the local university as a professor, he lived in Canada for years but since he was a Bangladeshi national he was paid very little and though the university provided for my friend’s education at an international school, they struggled to make ends meets. I befriended a 19 y/o girl from Nigeria called Mona, she sneaked out of her job as a maid to a Saudi family to work part time cleaning a South African neighbor’s house. Since I lived in the same compound as this South African family, I’d have coffee with Mona and watch Disney shows together when she finished work early. Mona told me she received beatings from the Saudi family, they had her passport and she had to give most of her earnings to the person that arranged her visa and trip to Saudi. She used the money she received from my neighbors to send home to her father. Mona was just a teenager, just like me, she liked watching Disney shows and eating cookies and dreamed of going to Disneyland just like I did. When we moved before my senior year in High School, we kept in touch for a bit but lost contact soon after. I contacted friends back in Saudi and neighbors to ask if they had seen her but no such luck. Mona was a good friend I’ll probably never see again. I hope she managed to escape and go back home like she planned. I know it’s much to dream but I hope she somehow made it to America like she dreamed. I hope she got to see Disneyland. The realities of this horrible abuse are so rarely talked about and so many suffer and die in silence…”