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Emma Ruth Rundle: Return – Painful, dark and beautiful masterpiece

The dark mistress of the experimental and beautiful music for depressive lovers and the people who have lost the loved ones – is back. Emma has all the tools and the experience and it looks like she’s going to reinvent herself thru her music that is going to be even more emotional and experimental. The restraint in Emma’s voice gives it more power than when she lets rip in some of her older work. The video is beautiful, but it’s slightly jarring as it feels like a separate skin or overlay on top of the music. Spending time with ERR’s confessional art is not intended to be a comfortable experience. The more I watch the video, the more it makes sense as a piece of poetry and it’s the saddest, most beautiful and remarkable song she has ever recorded. I want to cry every time I hear it, for her, for me and everyone. (Matt Seigal)