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Radiohead: If You Say The Word – Nothing less than amazing

This is like finding the best kind of buried treasure. This is transcendent. These guys are on another level of detail and instrumentation. Psychedelia, consciousness, spirituality, geometry, all of it. It’s stirring. ‘If You Say The Word’ is taken from ‘KID A MNESIA’ out 5th November via XL Recordings. Just like the best Radiohead songs, this is a grower. Has a great Talk Show Host/Climbing Up The Walls vibe to it; also feels, sonically, as a transitional exercise: you can still hear some of the spirit of OKC, while at the same time sensing that they’re moving towards something more textural. Hearing Thom’s voice from that time, paired with the glockenspiel. You’ve been transported. The background acoustic rhythm and electric leads with those chorus hits. Pure magic and nothing less than amazing. (Ricardo Cardenas)