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Lana Del Rey: Arcadia – She really went away into another music dimension

Lana Del Rey has left the social media and networks few days ago. Hopefully she will stay true to herself and wont change her mind ina week, month, year or two. Proud of Lana for her “error 404” not found! Intenet is a waste of time. She’s now in arcadia living the real life. But it may also be just a perfect media spin and trick. Whatever is Lana is beautiful and musically intrigant again.

New track is wonderful.

In new song she sings so powerful: “My body is a map of L.A. I stand straight like an angel, with a halo Hangin’ out the Hilton Hotel window Screamin’, “Heyo, baby, let’s go” My chest, the Sierra Madre My hips, every high and byway That you trace with your fingertips like a Toyota Run your hands over me like a Land Rover. In Arcadia, Arcadia All roads that lead to you as integral to me as arteries That pump the blood that flows straight to the heart of me America, America I can’t sleep at home tonight, send me a Hilton Hotel Or a cross on the hill, I’m a lost little girl Findin’ my way to ya Arcadia….”. 

“Interlude – The Trio” is a version of “The Good, The Bad And The Ugly” (Morricone). Published by EMI Music Publishing Ltd/EMI Music Publishing Italia SRL. Used by permission. All rights reserved. Contains a sampled extract of the recording “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” by Ennio Morricone

‘Blue Banisters’ The New Album Out October 22nd. (Elenie Begame)