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Chris Jagger feat Mick Jagger: Anyone Seen My Heart? – Nice to take care of the less known brother

Its just the vibe and possibly documentary value seeing and hearing two brothers singing together. It has potential commercial value. Official Video for ‘Anyone Seen My Heart?’ by Chris Jagger, taken from the new album ‘Mixing Up The Medicine’, but although it`s great to see Mick singing with his brother I cant help wondering how good that song would sound if the Stones done there version of it with Keith adding in some cool blues riffs. Talk about “Lifestyles of the RELATIVES of the Rich and Famous”.

Seriously, this video shows something truly decent in the soul of Mick Jagger, that he cares about his family of origin and looks after them.

He took his father and one of his daughters with him when he was knighted a couple years ago. I remember back in the 1960’s seeing an LP by Chris Jagger in the “cut out” bins. I think it was called “Faces.” He held a big mask to his face on the front cover and on the back cover revealed himself to look like a carbon copy of Mick! They look quite different these days, though. I don’t recall anyone buying it or caring about him, so it must have been very hard to grow up the brother of a global legend. (Dasha Tubby)