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Cry Macho (Clint Eastwood): Sad sad sad end for the legend

“It feels off, it feels corny…” (Rolling Stone).

“This macho thing is overrated,” Mike says. “You think you have all the answers, but then you get older and realize you don’t have any. By the time you figure it out, it’s too late” (New York Times)

“Cry Macho doesn’t resound with the hectic astonishment of The 15:17 to Paris or the tragic imagination of Sully, but it delivers whispers of both. Its breezy, easygoing fable of late-life adventure and connection is also a story of an over-the-hill athlete who may meet his match on any street corner” (New Yorker)

“This meandering neo-western is far from classic Eastwood. But Eastwood, at 91, is still classic in every sense of the word” (ABC News).

“Eastwood is undercut by the unbearably weak screenplay by Nick Schenk, who adapts a 1975 novel by N. Richard Nash. Schenk has turned in good work for Eastwood before, including “Gran Torino” and “The Mule,” but here his strategy seems to be having his characters explain everything that they’re doing and feeling, much of which should be delivered visually” (San Francisco Cronicle).

Those are just few excerpts from the American critics and the press that are taking care of the fact it is probably the last Clint Eastwood movie ever made. And they are just being nice, polite and gentle. The reality is the movie sucks big time. It has nothing to do with anything except his performance in front and beyond the camera. Eastwood directs slow and easy, laid backed just as the main charachters life phase is. And he acts the way he acts. It suits him pretty very well. Screenplay is horrible and the acting is disasterous. You would not believe until you see it. But, documentary fund and the time before the legend`s death forced them to finish it the way it looks. Nobody seems to cared, why should we. No sentimental value in this one. (Terence Lowry)