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Guns N Roses: Hard Skool – Reunion song sounds like a B side

And what`s new? Axl screams, Slash play solo, bend is rocking like it`s 1990. Appetite for Destruction era meets Use Your Illusion and it should sound wonderful, frightening and fantastic, but guess what. It doesn`t. Just lame.

If you are not based from their uncritical following base you will not be able to hear what was the fuss all about backdays. Greatest band in the Earth? Yes, probably if the Earth consisted of two American southern villages.

After the “Absurd”, first reunion single after more then 15 years of silence and fighting between each other, guys agreed to try to make more money by playing together. Absurd sounded more like bad Prodigy attempt, and this song has been in the works for 20 years but sounds like it could’ve been thrown together in an afternoon. (Mooney Steve)