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Alt J: U & Me – Band easy to love and even easier to dislike

Alt J announced new album. Alt-J is inspired and it’s easy to hear. Does anyone ever get afraid to listen to an artists new music because all their previous music was so unbelievably great that it’s hard to imagine that they can do it again? They have suffered from “The Muse” syndrome being compared to the Radiohead alternatives and B side Thom Yorkers all the time. Just as Matt Bellamy did with The Muse in the middle of their hype. No need to comparisons no more. Alt J are easy to love although pretty easier to hate. They are playing with the slow beats and chain tuned melodies – pretty reckless and good. Most of the time they sound like themselves not anyone else. Give them a chance you wont regret it. It`s a promise. (Sandra Toldrich)