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DOP TV: Nigeria’s mafia in Germany – DW documentary discovers Black Axe

The Nigerian mafia has taken hold in Germany.

Their main business? Smuggling young women in refugee boats to Europe, then forcing them into sex work to pay off their debts.

The members of the Nigerian mafia groups refer to them as “secret brotherhoods”.

The largest and most dangerous of these is the “Black Axe”, from Nigeria’s south. It’s among the groups detailed in a confidential report by Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service (BND), warning that “Mafia-like groups from Nigeria are spreading in Germany.” These gangs rule over an empire that stretches from the coast of Nigeria to the North Sea, and are particularly active in human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of young women.

Why is the “Black Axe” so successful? Who are the profiteers taking advantage of young African migrants? And how has the group managed, within just a few years, to build up a network that makes millions from human trafficking and forced prostitution?