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Tears For Fears: Tipping Point – Back in the 80`s in the 21st Century production

Back in the ’80s, Roland and Curt gave us “Mad World’ and “Everybody Wants to Rule The World”. Fast-forward to today and “The Tipping Point” sounds like a cautionary tale about being perilously close to losing it all, but loving more (or less?) than ever as a result. Something completely new to TFF both Roland and Curt are equal in the vocals, gives it a new sound. I hope we get to have some of the old style vocals though as that’s what made them so great. I can’t get enough of the difference in their mannerisms for whatever reason. The way Roland looks like he’s flowing with his gestures while Curt is feeling the beat. I feel Roland’s loss of his wife is felt in this song. They basically grew up together and I love the band anyway, but relate, even as I did as a teen to their music, as I lost my husband that I basically also grew up with 7 years ago. They were starting this album in 2017 when Roland’s wife took ill and passed at 56. The grief, from what I read, hitting him harder than he’d thought it would. It is something I would never wish on my worst enemy. (Laine Richardson)