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Miley Cyrus: Maybe – By Janis Joplin live, by a gorgeous cover singer

Pop star Miley Cyrus has finally found and may be free to admit her perfect pop territory. It`s the cover stage, and tribute to. She fells and see herself as very important pop star of this era. It’s hard to see our idols and think they aren’t always this courageous unapologetic badass as she wants herself to present and look like. This time she has done it through the Janis Jospin rip off “Maybe”. Miley is a hell of a singer. And that`s about it. Her last album and her live perfromances do not deserve more recognition and ratings. Her songs are filled with vulnerability too but people refuse to see it and they have a reson. She can not be new Madonna of her era without much more original material. (Donna Lively)