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Lana Del Rey: Blue Banisters – Strange and beautiful song from the strange and beautiful pop star

Lana Del Rey released new album, same titled as this beautiful and minimalistic song and video. This has to be one of her best songs she has ever written. “There’s a picture on the wall of me on a John Deere Jenny handed me a beer, said, “How the hell did you get there?” Oklahoma” sings Lana with a touch of piano chords. She is almost whispering, probably scared of the whisper. She is not holding to her banisters. Maybe that`s why they are blue. Now you may be drown and enjoy the symbolism of this song. The title it’s self could be translated to blue=sad & Banister=support/safety. These are topics that you resonate the most with. As Lana invites those who are closest to her in her life to help her feel safe and supported when she is sad is something we all need to be reminded of. We are never alone, there is always someone there to talk to when we are at our lowest points. Friends are one of the most important ingredients in our lives. To take the sadness and depression away. Lana probably knows the best of it. Strange and beautiful song from strange and beautiful girl. (Evan Woods)