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DOP TV: Duran Duran at The Rolling Stone – Career interview regarding brand new album “Future Past”

Duran Duran sat down with Rolling Stone’s Rob Sheffield for a career-spanning interview, in anticipation of the band’s new album ‘Future Past.’ Rob is such an uber fan that this almost feels like a paid promotion for the new album and the general greatness of Duran Duran. It really was a great chat. Just as Rob said, I can remember where I was when I first saw and heard Hungry Like the Wolf. like that the interviewer didn’t spend the entire interview talking about the band’s past and actually focused a fair bit on the Future Past album. That being said, this interview brought out the interpersonal dynamic between the guys much better than any other I have seen of theirs. Great to see Duran Duran back after 6 years with an album that is far superior to “Paper Gods”. Great to see that they like working together still.