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Lorde: Fallen Fruit – There are layers to this psychedelic mushrooms on her head

Lorde`s voice is hypnotic, she creates art that is so meaningful, complex, and symbolic.

The little details, the trash on the ground being picked up from the Solar Power MV, the feather fans left behind by the girls from Mood Ring, the peach pits left behind, the psychedelic mushrooms on her head, and finally how Ella is the one who has to stay on the island but Lorde gets to leave in a G-Wagon. There’s layers to this, holy shit.

Lorde has made it clear that she’s criticizing the anthropocene on the album – wellness culture and how it appropriates indigenous practices, for example – and that this MV represents a choice that her character is making. But, am I the only one who interpreted this as Ella commenting on and denouncing colonialism? I think there’s a lot to unpack from a white person arriving in a beautiful and full of life island in the morning, exploring it (the character in Mood Ring also indulges and profits from the native culture), then leaving gracefully in the night, while everything’s destroyed and everyone’s desperate to save themselves. Brilliant work. (Laura Weinberg)