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Umro Hank Von Helvete: Glavni pjevač Turbonegra za vrijeme najboljih dana benda

Hank Von Helvete, bivši pjevač norveških punkera Turbonegro u periodu od 1992. do 2009. umro je u 49.-oj godini života. Pravim imenom Hans Erik Dyvik Husby. Razlozi smrti još nisu objavljeni, a obitelj moli za privatnost i poštivanje prava na tugu.

We are thankful for the times, the moments and the magic we shared with Hans-Erik in Turbonegro. As a charismatic frontman who equally channeled humor and vulnerability, Hans-Erik was crucial for the band’s appeal. He was a warm and big hearted human, a spiritually and intellectually seeking person who loved having a conversation with anyone. We are proud of what we created together as rock brothers in Turbonegro — the music, the characters, our whole universe. Hank Von Helvete remains an iconic figure in the history of Norwegian rock and popular culture, and also made a mark as a profile in the international rock´n´roll community.Actor, romantic and entertainer — through his life Hank left no doubt that he was a man for the stage, loving the spotlight and the room’s attention. Our thoughts and hearts go to his family. Rest In Peace” napisali su članovi njegova bivšeg benda.