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Variety objavio pozitivnu kritiku Tereze 37: Hrvatski kandidat za Oscara dobio prostor u prestižnom film magazinu

Elevated by screenwriter and lead actor Lana Barić’s voice, Croatia’s Oscar submission is an astute look inside the male-centric cultural structures of Southeast Europe, piše recenzent američkog magazina Variety Tomris Laffly u prikazu i recenziji filma “Tereza 37” Danila Šerbedžije i Lane Barić, nacionalnog predstavnika za Oscar ove godine. Pod naslovom “A Modern Urban Woman’s Pursuit of Motherhood in a Patriarchal Society”, uglavnom pozitivna recenzije donosi i ističe neke dijelove koje prenosimo u originalnom obliku:

  • Perceptively written by Croatia’s prolific screen and stage actress Lana Barić — she also plays the titular character here with a thoughtful and accessible nonchalance — Serbedzija’s movie follows Tereza and her tireless quest throughout Split, a major city located on the Adriatic coast.
  • The script navigates Tereza’s risky endeavor with an astute eye, often reminding the viewer of her culture’s deeply rooted misogyny that cripples her life in spite of her rebellious act of sexual independence.
  • With a critical eye and a dose of subtle deadpan humor, Barić and Serbedzija accordingly fashion episodic snippets where women harmlessly gossip behind each other’s backs or enviously gush over another’s fancy purse or good physical shape.
  • It’s too bad that “Tereza37” feels a bit indecisive in its last act, struggling to bring Tereza’s tale to a satisfying close. Then again, that ambiguity is perhaps the most suitable path for a character who in the end still seems to be in search of a meaningful journey onward.