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Nell and The Flaming Lips: No More Shall We Part – Unnecessary and unusuable Cave covers

What was great and beautiful idea to share the music and the stage between the band and the fans, tourned out to be a little too enthusiastic project that did not justify their purpose. Thirteen year young Nell Smith and The Flaming Lips have unveiled their new album of cooperation based on the covers of Nick Cave – named Where the Viaduct Looms is out. Like the earlier covers so “No More Shall We Part” suffers from serious musical damage – the good idea didn`t turned out to be something to believe in.

The studio set finds the 13-year-old musician and psychedelic rock band teaming up to deliver nine Nick Cave covers, including the previously-released singles “Girl in Amber” and “The Ship Song”. Interestingly, Smith first met the band three years ago after becoming an instantly-recognizable regular at Flaming Lips shows thanks to her penchant for wearing a parrot costume. Corresponding with the teen through her father, lead singer Wayne Coyne encouraged Smith to learn guitar and take a stab at writing her own songs.

The rest is unfortunatelly history cause they should probably needed to learn covers of Kylie Minogue, it should sound a whole lotta better. Cave turned out to be a little too big and bitter pill to swallow.  (Dianne Torr)