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Billie Eilish: Male Fantasy – New whispering disclosure of mankind through the eyes of the teenage superstar

Getting older is the perfect opener. It really defines the way the rest of the album is going to feel. The next songs start to build you up with their coolness and edge vibes. Happier than ever is the perfect climax because it’s bombastic and loud and makes you feel empowered. Male fantasy is the perfect closer because it it feels very sentimental like you are coming to terms with yourself and your problems and it really eases every thing back down. We saw and have heard Billie as a teenager with her previous albums, but she allows us to see her as a woman in this one showing off total disclosure of the male world in yet another whispering moment and the video she directed herself.

“Home alone, tryin’ not to eat Distract myself with pornography I hate the way she looks at me I can’t stand the dialogue, she would never be That satisfied, it’s a male fantasy I’m goin’ back to therapy…”. (Ellie Tapettorn)