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Finneas: Love Is Pain – Brother is going to work it out on the other side of his sister`s whispering songs

Other side of the success. The brother, the producer, the quiet shadow of Billie Eilish is hanging on the shadows of his solo careers also. And he doest it really good and promising. What’s really sad is how quickly he swaps from talking about a girl and then he ends with his friend or a friend in general (I assume) goes thru a red light and dies and that just shows that friendship and losing a friend can hurt just as much as a romantic relationship. It just really makes u think. If Adele’s Easy On Me makes people want to get a divorce even when they’re unmarried, Finneas’ “Love is Pain” makes you want to cry and realise love is really pain although some of us are lucky to not have felt the same. Powerful and beautiful. Hits the emotion hard. It’s cool to hear Billie in the background like how we can hear him in most of her songs. Sibling support. Great song. Gentle and broken down, stripped to the core. (Marie Swan)