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Don`t Look Up: Film Of The Year – Brutal and funny political satire and not yet another armageddon movie

A bleak commentary on humanity’s failure to address climate change, Don’t Look Up eviscerates disaster movie tropes and the institutions that fail to stand up for the greater good of humanity. While McKay makes some missteps with his direction and screenplay, it’s an overall strong outing driven by an incredible cast.

It’s interesting seeing how people think this movie leans one way or the other on the politcal spectrum. Y’all, this film is not picking a side, it’s is actively shining a light on ALL the absolute stupidity of both sides. Profit, Greed, Power, Capitalism were perfectly crafted in this movie. The US administration shown as dummies are the best thing in this movie especially that general charging $20 for snacks. The movie was brilliant, top notch acting and really well written script. It just really had me go through deep existential crisis. Is the reaction of humans and the public shown in the movie exaggerated or should we expect the same reaction if there really was an apocalyptic event in real life?

It’s funny how so many reviews point out how political, unfun, and bleak the movie is while it’s trying to deliver what they believe is an important message. It’s exactly like the characters in the actual film. This movie was entertaining, well acted and visually pleasing. You can feel the anxiety when they finally get a chance to speak to the president for the first time. Leo’s last line before “it”happened really hit home. (Samantha Nelson)