Quit alcohol asap: What happens when you stop using that “drug”

Today we are going to explain EXACTLY what happens to your brain and body when you try to quit alcohol.

Here are some of the truthful and sincere notes from the last drinkers:

“When I went to rehab the most DIFFICULT thing for me was that I could not sleep AT ALL and the night sweats. I couldn’t even take a daytime nap without waking up drenched and panicking an hour later. I would literally cry every single night. After about 3 months I was back to normal. Just reached my 5 year sobriety anniversary on 12/20/21…”

“14 years sober, after I saw that I was turning into my alcoholic father, and that wasn’t a future I wanted. The worst part, which I think this video doesn’t touch on enough, is the peer pressure. Everyone looks at you like there’s something wrong with you if you don’t drink, and socializing is incredibly difficult. The social changes are harder to deal with than any of the physical ones, imo…”

“I’m on day 3,193 sober and what happened today is, I learned that softening the name of alcoholism worries me for the future. People calling me an alcoholic helped me see I was one. That’s what made consider and pursue sobriety. If someone had told me I had an alcohol use disorder, I’d just adjust my usage and probably keep drinking. Which wouldn’t not have been good for me. Call people drunks or alcoholics. It helped me…”