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Yard Act: Rich – Minimalistic storytelling based on Sleaford Mods, The Fall and Mike Skinner

Yard Act have new track and video “Rich” – the final taste of their anticipated debut album The Overload set for release on 21 January 2022 via Zen F.C. /Island.

Right, because we had to push it back a few weeks we thought we’d sling you all one more tune off the record by way of an apology / peace offering. This one is called Rich. It’s a hypothetical song about me accidentally becoming rich, and contemplating what I might do with all the power it brings. It’s basically saying, c’mon let’s have some sympathy for all the millionaires out there, it’s tough for them too. Obviously it ain’t really saying that, but as we all know, money doesn’t really bring you happiness, and even the rich have feelings to process and therapists to feed. Don’t get stuck on simple ideas… Also, i should make it completely clear here that I am in no way defending the rich. They deserve all the stick they get, the rich bastards. (Unless you’re a rich bastard who wants to preorder The Overload)

The Overload has been the subject of early glowing praise, receiving 5* reviews from Rolling Stone UK and DIY Magazine, 4.5 stars from Uncut, 4* and the coveted album of the month award from MOJO and 4* from Gigwise.

If you imagine how to mash up The Fall, Sleaford Mods and Mike Skinner aka The Street you might love what Yards are saying.

“‘Rich’ is the natural successor to “Payday”. That’s the end of the story right? Success! Status! Security! Except, there’s always more money to be made, and you’re deemed a failure if your life starts to head back in the direction it came from. It’s about being so lost you’re sure you know exactly where you are and how you got there. I also wrote “Rich” because I thought it would be quite funny if Yard Act made a s_t ton of money after I’d written an anti-capitalist concept album. It’ll be funny if I’m singing “Rich” on stage when I’ve made my mint. At worst, it makes no sense, at best it comes off as pretentious, but that’s the point I’m trying to make when I write anything really. Things only really make sense if you exclude the bits that don’t back up the point you’re trying to make. I’m a hypocrite just like everyone else. I don’t have the answers and I’m just trying to do the best I can. It’ll never be good enough though. Enjoy the ride, life is short and you never know what’s round the corner.”

The accompanying video for “Rich” is the band’s fourth collaboration with director James Slater and his production team, following “The Overload”, “Land Of The Blind”, and “Payday” and further develops the world Yard Act have created and the characters that exist within it. (Babe Ruth)