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DOP TV: Henry Rollins makes the work rules for the people with low self opinion and talent

“The past holds all of your mistakes and humilliations; the future holds whatever you can make it”. Henry Rollins’ Top 10 Rules For Success: In this video we’re going to learn how to improve our lives by analyzing our take on Henry Rollins’ rules for success.

“I like to work. It’s not about money or fame or anything. Its about activity and challenge”. In the fourth grade, he was diagnosed with hyperactivity and took Ritalin for several years so that he could focus during school. After high school, Rollins attended American University in Washington D.C., but dropped out after one semester. He began working minimum-wage jobs, including a job as a courier for kidney samples at the National Institutes of Health.

After performing in the short-lived Washington, D.C. band State of Alert in 1980, Rollins fronted the California hardcore punk band Black Flag. Following the band’s breakup, Rollins established the record label and publishing company 2.13.61. Since Black Flag disbanded, Rollins has hosted numerous radio shows. He formed the Rollins Band, which toured with a number of lineups from 1987 until 2003, and during 2006. He’s the host of the educational history television series 10 Things You Don’t Know About, joining the show for its second and third seasons.

In 1995, Henry Rollins produced Australian hard rock band the Mark of Cain’s third full-length album Ill at Ease.

He had recurring dramatic roles in the second season of Sons of Anarchy. And that is just part of it.