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DOP TV: Arcade Fire – Career interview and insight look on their sixth studio album named “We”

Win Butler of Arcade Fire sits down with Zane Lowe and provides an inside look on their sixth studio album, ‘WE.’

He discusses the process of songwriting alongside his wife, Régine Chassagne, as a search for the moment when the band spiritually meets the audience. He touches on his personal influences like the music of David Bowie and the sound of instruments in his childhood home and explains how those sources of inspiration tie into the record.

Arcade Fire has seen band members come and go throughout time and recently lost Will Butler as part of the touring group. Win explains that Arcade Fire is not defined by who currently tours, but by all the people who have left their mark on the band’s sound. 

 00:00 – The Last Two Years
6:14 – ‘WE’
23:33 – Family
35:36 – Contributors
49:04 – Performing Live