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Kendrick Lamar: The Heart Part 5 – What A Masterpiece!!!

“We ain’t really rapping, we just letting our dead homies tell stories for us” is a quote Kendrick took from Tupac that we will always think of when it comes to Kendrick’s music. Always a deeper meaning when it comes to form of art, and the connections he makes in his music is truly just one of a kind. Goosebumps after launching new single and minimalistic deep fake video. Do recognize all those faces he becomes. What a rap, what a beat,  what a Marvin Gaye sample. The one that makes the difference between bullshit trap and rap as serious art. His work has simply represented iconic and nostalgic times for all of us in the last decade and some change. This one is brilliant. And the perfect announcement of the new album that after this one is expected to be nothing but sensational too. (Alley Flaunt)