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The Smile: Thin Thing – Post rock mini Radiohead with scary stop motion video work

To all those complaining about “too many singles just release the album”, let’s just be thankful for all the incredible artists collaborating for the music videos of the songs. The quality of this tune put aside, the clip makers deserve a big respect. Stop motion is a nightmare to do and more with this quality of animation. A total piece of art.

And then back to the sounds of the mini Radiohead trio. Tom’s a demon machine drummer, you may rarely hear anything like it. Great to hear Jonny Greenwood letting loose on the guitar a bit more again. And Thom’s bass is pretty damn outrageous as well. Apparently it’s lyrically and visually based on a dream Thom had. It’s about technology combining and overwhelming humanity. Then nature fighting back and ultimately consuming mankind. Which has been a Thom Yorke lyrical theme for decades now. 

The latest single we presume before the release of the debut album “A Light For Attracting Attention, out May 13th. Enjoy this post rock. (Lady Gabrielle)